Placing Wind Chimes for Feng Shui

    Who doesn’t yearn for great health, increased wealth and prosperity? The components of Feng Shui have become such a popular practice because it works! Some of the basic components of Feng Shui include the treatment of colour, space, furniture arrangement, and sound (hello wind chimes) in our every day lives.

    Placing Wind Chimes for Feng Shui
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    In a nutshell, here are a few examples of each:


    Red is a very strong and passionate colour in the feng shui arena. If you are looking for an increased ardour in your love life then adding some red to your bedroom would be the way to go. Likewise, if you wish to have a room in your house that is strictly for tranquillity, incorporate the more nature-like colours of blue (to represent the sky and water), green (to represent the grass and trees), and neutral beiges (to represent earth). Colours can be mixed and matched in moderation depending on what kind of feel or positive chi’ you wish to enhance in a given room. Chi is also described as an energy field. Colour is only one way of enhancing a positive chi.

    Furniture Arrangement

    When you enter a home you need to have your living furniture face the door and welcome visitors into your private home, your sanctuary. Furniture turned away from the door is bad chi. Furniture should also be easy to access and not crowded. Crowded, cramp furniture arrangements block the flow of positive energy throughout the house.


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    Each day we are inundated with a multitude of sounds whether it be advertisements on the TV or even in the grocery store check-out lines, shutting out this sound is often difficult to do. In our homes, we have control over our sounds. Well, for the most part, we have control even when we have small children we can control the sounds for a part of the day. Silence is a good starting part to clear the mind and open up the opportunity for positive energy flow to enter our subconscious and even our conscious minds. Wind Chimes are the ideal way to increase positive chi because they bring in the elements of nature, specifically wind.

    Protect from strong winds

    Because the strength of the wind can oftentimes be unpredictable it is imperative to place your chimes in an area of your home that is a protected from the winds such as a place close to the home such as a porch or patio. Wind chimes left out in the open are in danger of bringing about bad chi if strong winds whip the chimes around and create a dissonant noise.

    Choosing the right wind chime

    Once you have placed your wind chimes, select a chime that is a pleasure to your ears whether it be metal or a more resonant wooden sound. In addition to placing wind chimes around your home, preferably one in the front of the house and another behind the home, you can also buy Feng Shui music.

    The practise of Feng Shui is easy to do and it is affordable. Besides, what do you have to lose other than poor health and less than ideal prosperity? Part of Feng Shui’s value is the mindset we hold towards practising these tenents and making a more conscious effort to strive for a life filled with peace and harmony.

    Placing Wind Chimes near your home (near your family and loved ones) is a great first step to incorporating Feng Shui into your lives and hopefully increasing your wealth, health, and happiness at the same time.