Feng Shui Moving House Tips

    Choosing a Feng Shui positive home

    The art of feng shui is more than 5,000 years old. When westernized, this art and its rules manage to reflect positive energies on the homeowners through property positioning, specific design elements and proper home lot choice.

    Property Position


    The positioning of a property with feng shui in mind is one of the most important energy boosters in a home. Real estate should always face a southward direction allowing a wealth of sunlight and warmth into the home for a prolonged period of the day. The home or selection of real estate should never be positioned at the end of a cul-de-sac or dead-end road. Feng shui rules state that these positions trap the Sha, or negative energies, thus diminishing the positive Chi in a home.

    Design Elements

    Front Door

    Specific design elements should also be taken into careful consideration when building or purchasing real estate with feng shui in mind. The front entrance doorway, for instance, should never be designed with a view of the back entranceway or the stairway leading to an upper level of the home.

    Home ‘Lot’ Shape

    Aerial view

    One of the easiest rules to follow when choosing a home or piece of real estate with feng shui in mind is the rule of proper home lot choice. While these rules are plentiful, there are many simple choices that can be made to improve the Chi of a home. The home lot should always be in the shape of a square or rectangle and never the shape of a triangle. A triangle is viewed as an incomplete and irregular shape with sharps points that can lead to ill omens.

    The Ideal Location

    Feng Shui location

    Real estate lots chosen with feng shui in mind should retain the most important elements of the earth. The lot should have a natural running water source (preferably a river that runs alongside the home), be situated near a source of nature or animals, be positioned between two hills of different sizes (neither larger than the home itself) and be backed with a hill to anchor the home.

    Feng shui is all about generating and holding on to positive Chi or energy. The elements of feng shui when practised in conjunction with real estate building, design and purchase, can lend a helping hand to home buyers. With harmony, happiness and health being the main focus of feng shui, it is no wonder these rules are extremely popular for both residential and commercial real estate properties.

    Choosing a Feng Shui positive home