4 Things They Don’t Tell You When You Sell Your Home

Now that you’re selling your home, you may see a little more to this than just putting a ‘for sale’ sign in your front garden. Many people think this will be a super easy process, but more often than not, some obstacles will cause stress. This article will examine four things people don’t tell you about when you’re moving and how you can sort them.

You Have A Lot Of Stuff

When You Sell Your Home
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When it comes to packing up your belongings, you will soon realise that you have a lot of stuff; by that, we mean a lot. If you have the dreaded job of downsizing your current home, then there may be many things you can’t take with you. When it comes to packing everything up, you will understand how big of a job you have on your hands. A great way to deal with this is to pack away little bits here and there when you know you won’t need them until you’ve moved. You don’t want to pack away the plates and realise you haven’t kept any out to use. 

Buyers Can And Do Pull Out

It has been known that a buyer has put an offer on your home, and then pulled out at the last minute. This could be because they no longer have the funds. After all, they have found somewhere else they like better because they have decided not to move for various reasons. It doesn’t matter to you what the reason is that it leaves you in the lurch no matter what. You need to be prepared for this so that you understand that just because an offer has been made until the transaction is complete, things can always go sideways.

You May Need Extensive Repairs

If your home is in a state of disrepair, this will need to be sorted before you sell up. There is something called a pre-sale inspection that you can get done. This will highlight any big jobs that need to be done to ensure your home is structurally sound. You may have also built up a list of jobs inside the home that you have been putting off. You might notice a problem with your drains that you can’t rectify on your own. If you have tried all normal methods to alleviate the problem, you may need to call the help of a drainage plumber

Buyers Have Their Own Schedule

The final thing that we’ll mention is that buyers have their schedules. They will take their time, and do things when they decide they are ready, usually not in a hurry. This can be frustrating for the homeowner, but patience is paramount when selling your home.

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