Become More Handy Around the House

5 Ways to Become More Handy Around the House

By now, you should already know the benefits of DIY and how it can both save you money and boost your mental well-being. However, as much as you know, you might not be as handy as you’d like to be, and you want to change all of that to make your home more manageable while you become more self-sufficient. So how can you become more handy around the house? 

Become More Handy Around the House

There’s no point trying to tackle the bigger repairs or upgrades immediately. Not only do you not have the skills, but you will also become overwhelmed, which can knock your confidence and make you abandon your DIY dreams. Instead, it’s best to start small with easy repairs. Try realigning your cabinet doors or fixing small things around the house that you could live without but don’t want to. This approach gives you a foundation to build your skills. 

You’ll also need the right tools to tackle various projects around the house. However, it’s tempting to buy the most expensive tool kit, but you don’t need that yet, especially if you’re only working on small projects/ instead, a cheap tool kit is the best place to start as you can use these tools until they break. You can also look at other useful accessories, such as a staple gun for upholstery work. 

If you’re looking to become handy in the garden, then consider a range of tools for convenience, from a shovel, a lawnmower, all the way to an electric chainsaw. All of these items, used correctly, can be a great addition to your selection of tools that you can store conveniently in your shed until you need to utilize them.

You aren’t going to learn more about DIY unless you take the time to educate yourself. However, if there’s no one around who can show you how to do these projects, you can find DIY YouTube channels which walk you through most of the fundamentals. Find a channel that works for you where you like the host’s personality and go through their library. Since you can see what they are doing, you will feel more confident attempting projects rather than reading steps and hoping for the best. 

While you want to learn as much as possible, there are some projects novices should not attempt because they are too technical or dangerous. Usually, these involve working with things like electricity, which is when you should hire an electrician rather than doing it yourself. The same goes for bigger, more demanding projects that may be too complicated for you to try, at least with your current skill set. Once you become more skilled and confident, you can attempt ambitious projects. 

You aren’t going to get better at DIY unless you practice, so look for any excuse to fix something around the house. You can also look into affordable materials and make things yourself, even if it’s just to practice hammering nails or inserting screws. If you want to be a good neighbour, ask around for any quick repairs your neighbours might not have time to focus on. 

Learning to be better at DIY is a fantastic way to establish a new hobby and help out more around the house. While you don’t need to make something huge yet, you can build your skills and confidence to eventually tackle the bigger projects and keep things running smoothly. 

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