Before You Renovate Do These 4 Crucial Things!

Renovating your home can be a great way of adding value to the selling price, and making it a space that you and your family enjoy. However, renovations can be big undertakings, and you must do the following things before you even begin the renovation process. Keep reading to find out more. 

Before You Renovate

Renovations don’t come for free. Indeed, they can be considerably costly depending on what you are having done, with extensions usually being the most expensive. With that in mind, making sure you set a firm budget ahead of time is a very good idea, as this can stop costs running away while you are engaged in the process. 

Of course, you will need to have a good idea of the approximate amount that a renovation will cost before you set such a budget. To that end, getting at least three quotes and comparing them is a good starting point. 

Make sure you secure any fiance that you need to complete your project as well. After all, there is nothing worse than getting halfway through a renovation and then running out of funds. You may wish to fund the work out of your own pocket or savings, or you may wish to take out a loan to cover the costs. For example, some people choose to remortgage their home against the cost of a renovation. 

Another thing you must do before you begin a renovation is ensure it’s properly planned out. This means more than just sketching your ideas on the back of a napkin and hoping for the best. Instead, you will need to work with a professional architect and/ or interior designer who can create proper blueprints for your contractors to work from. Experts in design will also be able to take you through the process and provide invaluable advice in areas where you may not have any experience. 


Many renovations require a significant amount of demolition before any new building can begin. That is why it’s important to find a reliable and trustworthy home demolition specialist to work with before you begin. Indeed, a good home demolition expert will be able to ensure the process is as fast, tidy, and efficient as possible so you can move on to the construction elements of your renovation as quickly as possible. 

Last of all, before you begin any renovation in your home, it’s crucial that you give proper thought to any disruption it may cause. In particular, bathroom and kitchen renovations can be most disruptive because they prevent your usual family routine from happening. 

However, you can take steps to reduce any disruption and inconvenience, including setting up a makeshift kitsch with a portable hot plate, microwave, and air fryer in another room in your home. 

You may also wish to make plans to stay with family or friends during a bathroom renovation or refresh your gym membership so you can be sure of a shower each day before work, even when the water is off. 

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