Enhancing Curb Appeal by Using Fences in Landscape Design

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According to real estate agents, curb appeal, including landscaping and even fences, is one of the top factors in determining a property’s marketability. Simple curb appeal projects such as refreshing paint or revamping a driveway can make a huge difference in a home’s look and feel.

Landscapers can create new garden beds in prime locations to enhance curb appeal, such as along walkways and driveways. Choosing plants with various colours, textures, and sizes will help frame the home and create contrast.

Landscape Design

For the longest-term curb appeal boost, plant colourful flowers or lush shrubbery to add eye-catching contrast to a wood or chain-link fence. Purple, pink, and yellow flowers accent blue houses and complement white or red trim. No-fuss favourites such as ‘Amazing Daises’ or ‘Saving Grace’ perennial sunflowers and Rainbow Rhythm ‘Primal Scream’ daylilies are easy to maintain. They also attract birds and other wildlife.

Plantings should blend with the home exterior, walkways, driveway, park strip, front porch, and retaining walls to create a cohesive look. For example, it would clash if you wanted to use something other than rustic stone pavers as a walkway with a modern house.

Besides adding curb appeal, plants and lawns also protect your property. Mulching helps control weeds and saves you time from using a weed eater. Planting trees is another great way to protect your home from wind, sun, rain, and temperature changes. Ensure your chosen tree will thrive in your climate and be planted properly.

Fences can be a knee-jerk reaction for homeowners when they want to add privacy. However, they often aren’t thought out and create claustrophobic or unpleasant landscapes. Instead, thoughtful planning and creative landscaping can make them work for your landscape while offering the same functionality.

One of the best ways to create a functional and pleasing landscape alongside your fence is by incorporating textured materials. For example, constructing pathways with decorative rock and adding solar lights to create a soft glow along the path can enhance accessibility, lead the eye, and provide an inviting ambience in the evening.

Fences can also be a canvas for artistic expression. Custom-designed panels that feature patterns or cut-outs can transform a basic horizontal fence into an eye-catching centrepiece of your landscape. Moreover, a gate can also be used as an architectural focal point, reflecting your fence’s style and taste. Beitzell Fence offers various custom gate solutions to meet any design need.

Using Fences in Landscape Design

One of the best ways to enhance your home’s curb appeal is to create a welcoming entrance. It could be a new doormat that adds a pop of colour or an inviting front porch to relax on.

Fencing can create a sense of space and privacy in a landscape. It can be accomplished with various designs such as lattice trellis or modern slatted screening. Knowing the level of privacy you want to achieve can help guide the design process so that the fencing is not too visually distracting from the desired landscape.

Another way to create an attractive entry is by installing a new walkway or bench. It can make for a cost-effective, easy curb appeal improvement project. Using flowers and shrubs in the garden along the walkway can help accentuate key visual points of your house, such as windows or entryways, while also adding a pop of colour.

Accents and contrasts enliven arrangements that may be so balanced, orderly, and harmonious as to be dull. An accent can be a garden accessory, a plant specimen, or a boulder-like water feature.

Wooden trims and accents are durable and appealing and work well with diverse architectural styles. They can also help define the house as a unique residence in its neighbourhood, giving it a voice that speaks for itself.

A simple swag of flowers, wreath, or flag adorning the front door draws the eye and gives the impression that someone cares about their home’s curb appeal. It’s a quick fix that requires little maintenance.

Armour stone can create stunning accents and structural features throughout the landscape. There are endless ways to use this material, from seating walls around a fire pit area to steps creating levels or retaining walls accenting flower beds. The only limit is the imagination. These creative accents can enhance a homeowner’s property and increase the value of their home.

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