Make Your Home Feel Bigger

5 Simple Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

The list of tricks to make your home feel bigger goes on, and you can utilize many different methods. From making sure there isn’t too much stuff to using space for storage, there are a few that work really well and are pretty easy to do. Here are five of the easiest techniques.

Floor to Ceiling Fittings and Fixtures

Make Your Home Feel Bigger
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A small room, or a room that feels small, can be made to appear much larger by using the space’s verticality as a feature. This works especially well when the room is actually short and is, fortunately, pretty easy to implement. Floor-to-ceiling mirrors, curtains and even accessories like plants add a vertical vastness to a room and can even help with a house valuation when looking to sell or rent your property. Installing things like larger doors and wall art will do the trick.

Removing Too Much Clutter

Clutter can be the enemy of a home and in more ways than one. Clutter detracts from the central theme of your decor and reduces the reflections in a room. Both of these make a room feel and look smaller. Additionally, clutter attracts dust, which further reduces reflections yet also makes your home more hazardous. Also, you cannot hope to invigorate the space of your home with interesting decor ideas such as Fung Shui by holding on to items in your living space.

Visual Tricks to Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Homes can feel smaller by their nature unless you actually live in a large house. Many of us probably have a home that is sufficient, yet one poll of 2,000 people in the UK found that 50% wish to move to a larger home. Fortunately, there are a few visual tricks you can use to your advantage. Mirrors are one of the best accessories because they bounce light around a room to make it appear bigger. Other reflective surfaces and brightly coloured paint will also do the job.

Using More Space for Storage

Storage space

Like clutter, too much stuff in a room, even if it’s helpful, makes it appear much smaller. And stuff that doesn’t belong can really detract from the feeling of space. For example, the exercise bike in the corner of your bedroom does nothing for the overall aesthetic and takes up valuable space. And used-up space makes a room feel much smaller. Storing things away when you aren’t using them is helpful. This is even more essential if you have a smaller space to work within a room.

Using the Fifth Wall

One of the most overlooked parts of a room is the ceiling, often referred to as the fifth wall. Yet the ceiling can give off an oppressive feeling. Fortunately, you can remedy this by painting the ceiling a bright colour. This helps sunlight bounce around the room and makes it visually appealing in terms of space. Although this can be helpful, it is also essential to remember to use a colour that contrasts with and complements the colours of the surrounding walls of the room.


Floor-to-ceiling items such as curtains can make your home feel bigger. Visual tricks like mirrors to bounce light can also help. And it will help to include the ceiling as part of your decor style.

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