How to accessorise without adding clutter 1

How to accessorise without adding clutter

Most of us want the best of both worlds when it comes to our homes. We desire a clean and tidy looking home but we still want to have our favourite things on display. How do you accessorise without adding clutter? The minimalist space may work for some of us – but personally I need a little more decor to make my home feel warm and welcoming. Here are a few ideas to help your home look less cluttered.

Shelving ideas

Having high level shelving for your favourite ornaments, books and photographs will look so much neater than having them on low surfaces such as tables and sideboards. This way they are still on display with the added bonus of them being high up so less likely to get damaged. Shelves come in so many shapes and materials too from bamboo to metal, circular or sturdy wood – there are plenty of choices.

How to accessorise without adding clutter 2

Clever use of mirrors

Mirrors not only are functional pieces but they also help to bounce light around the room creating the illusion of ore space. There are many designs available from large classic mirrors with plain frames to more ornate and quirky designs in different shapes and sizes. You can cluster a dew smaller mirrors together or go for one large mirror.

How to accessorise without adding clutter 3

Furniture choices

Choosing pieces of furniture that are functional as well as decorative will also help your home to feel less cluttered. For instance you could go for a large corner sofa with an ottoman to store things inside so they are not all on display. Or choose a TV stand that has cupboards underneath to hide the DVD player away. A lot of sideboards have the option of some open shelving so you cab still display some of your favourite things.

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Rugs for comfort

Rugs are a great way to add a splash of colour and texture as well as some added comfort to a room. Going for a large rug will create cleaner lines in the room instead of having a number of smaller rugs. A plain colour rather than a patterned design will also be less busy to look at. Rugs also come in lots of material from shaggy rugs to sleeker looking carpets.

Adding house plants

Plants not only help to give you clean air indoors but they also add so much style to a room. You could add a palm in a large pot or basket on the floor, dainty succulents in small pots or a tall vase with some dried pampas grass or palm leaves to add a bit of nature to your room.

How to accessorise without adding clutter 5

You can still have a home that has all of your favourite things without it becoming too cluttered.

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