7 Exciting Extension Ideas To Add More Space

Running out of space in your home? An extension can be an effective way to add more space. There are so many ways in which you can extend your home. Below are a few great extension ideas that could be worth looking into.

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Reconfigure and extend

An extension can be a chance to also reconfigure the layout of your home. You may be able to remove, move or add internal walls. Alternatively, you could consider moving certain fixtures around like sinks and kitchen cabinets. This can allow you to not just extend your home, but transform the layout to make it more practical. For example, if you’ve got a tiny kitchen and tiny dining room, you could knock them both through and turn it into a large kitchen and then build a new dining room as an extension. 

Construct a conservatory

Conservatories are popular extensions. These rooms can serve as extra indoor living spaces while feeling connected to the outside world due to being made of glass. If your home is quite gloomy, a conservatory could be a great room for enjoying some natural light when you need it. Conservatories also won’t cast as much of a shadow over you or your neighbour’s garden as they still allow some light through. 

Add another bedroom

Adding another bedroom via an extension could be useful if you have a growing family or simply need a place for guests to stay. An added bedroom can also add value to your home. This could be a downstairs bedroom or an upstairs bedroom depending on where you have space to extend.

Raise the roof

Some lofts cannot be converted into extra rooms due to their low height. However, raising the roof of your loft could allow you to convert this space. This could make a great extra bedroom or a home office.

Add a dormer window

If your attic has a sloped roof, you may be able to add more space to stand by installing a dormer window. Just like raising the roof, adding a dormer window can be an effective way of making an unusable loft usable. 

Extend your basement

Can’t extend outwards? Can’t extend upwards? What about downwards? Basement extensions have become more common in heavily developed cities where there is often not much space to extend in other directions. You could add an extra level below or extend your basement out below your garden or driveway. Basement extensions can be complex as they may involve having to move pipes and foundations, but they could be an effective way of adding an extra bedroom or living space. 

Build an outbuilding

An extension doesn’t have to be joined to the rest of your home. If you have a large enough garden, you could consider constructing a separate outbuilding. You could use this space as an office, an extra bedroom, a gym or even a home bar. Outbuildings may require planning permission (especially if they are more than one storey). 

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