How To Win The Battle For Space In Your Home

Finding ways to make living spaces work harder is a priority shared by millions of homeowners. Not least because high property prices often leave families settling for smaller homes than they’d ideally like.

How To Win The Battle For Space In Your Home 1
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Whether this is the case for your family or not, you should be eager to unlock the full potential of all available living spaces. Here’s how to make it happen.

Give Each Room A Purpose

If you regularly lament a lack of space in your property, it’s imperative that you make sure to use every room you have. Allowing the guest room to be unused for over 350 days of the year is a common sin. Revamping it into an office, art room, or gym can make a world of difference. Likewise, you should ensure that your garage is used to its full capabilities.

Not all spaces will become dedicated rooms. Even so, your loft or basement can serve a functional purpose as a storage space. Just be sure to keep it well organised.

Choose Suitable Furniture & Furnishings

The way you design a room can make a world of difference to your relationship with the home. Practicality and function should always take priority. Especially when thinking about the storage needs. Fitted kitchens ensure that you have spaces for all kitchenware while also maintaining as much floor space as possible. Bathrooms benefit from similar ideas.

Meanwhile, choosing retractable tables and folding chairs can be a great way to regain valuable space in key parts of the home. 

Fully Embrace The Garden

The backyard spaces add a whole new dimension to the property and can open the door to many possibilities. Therefore, a landscape renovation could be one of the smartest updates you make. It can beautify your outside spaces to encourage more time spent there. In turn, this removes some of the pressure on internal areas to keep your family occupied.

You can take the results to even greater heights by adding a deck or building a seated outdoor dining area. BBQs, hot tubs, and sporting activities may also be used.

Use The Walls To Your Advantage

There is no escaping the fact that we now possess more things than ever before. As well as home entertainment features, we also have a need for workspaces and more. Therefore, any opportunity to use slimline tables and desks is advised. Moreover, wall-mounted shelving can work wonders for your living spaces. In turn, they will feel bigger.

Whether it’s replacing the bulky TV unit, a display cabinet or an outdated sideboard doesn’t matter. When photos, devices, and homewares are on the walls, you’ll gain floor space.

Change Your Habits

Regardless of the steps, you take to make the home feel bigger, the results will be limited if you form bad habits. Keeping the kitchen sides clear of dishes and the floors free from clutter will be key. Similarly, packing seasonal clothes away can make a huge difference. Aside from changing the aesthetic of the home, it’ll encourage a better mindset.

When combined with updates to the front of your home for a more welcoming vibe, the impacts are simply incredible. Happier home life is assured.

How To Win The Battle For Space In Your Home 2

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