Stylish Ways to Add a Pop of Colour To Your Home

It’s time to wave goodbye to the stark whites and bland beige around your home because it is the season of colour and here to stay. Although fifteen shades of grey may have dominated your home interior Pinterest board in the last two years, it’s time to shake it up and add some boldness to your life. When it comes to following the top colour trends of the year, lavender, sage and cobalt have been the shades of 2023, so why not find a place for them in your home? Every house deserves to feel warm, welcoming and bright; a pop of colour is the perfect way to achieve this.

Add a Pop of Colour To Your Home

Opting for a pop of colour in your furniture is one of the first places you may want to start when brightening up your home, but you don’t need to go out and buy a lot of new furniture to make it happen. Whether you’re upcycling a bland old coffee table with a lick of cobalt blue or looking into professional furniture restoration for an old chair, there are many ways to bring bright and bold furniture into your home. Getting high-quality furniture reupholstered in your home is an inexpensive but effective way to enhance the tones around your house.

Simple additions to your home, such as patterned rugs and trendy cushions, are a brilliant way to bring more colour into your space. Don’t worry too much about clashing prints and bold tones; making a statement is about choosing these stand-out items for your home.

Add a Pop of Colour To Your Home

This is a quick and simple way to bring freshness and boldness into your home whilst introducing a touch of nature. Fresh flowers are a beautiful addition to every house, coming in various styles and shades. It’s the perfect way to treat yourself after a busy day, creating an instant sense of elegance in your living space.

Even if you’re still working with a blank canvas in your living space or hallway, a statement piece of wall art is the perfect way to add a touch of colour to any space in your home. There has been an array of wall art trends throughout the year, which will circulate over the coming months and years, so nothing will ever go out of style completely. From geometric canvases to stunning scenery, it’s all about marrying your style with your interior design choices throughout your home.

Painting another wall in your home a completely different colour is another brilliant way to add brilliance and boldness to your space. A feature wall is easily changed as the seasons pass, and you can choose your colour of the moment without committing to a change for too long!

With all of these colour-filled ideas in your home, you will soon be surrounded with beauty and boldness so that your house is full of warmth all year round.

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