Feng Shui for the Home Entrance

Use Feng Shui to make sure every opportunity for beneficial energy or chi – to flow towards and into the home is utilised. Chi is another name for the vital life force energy that flows through all things, including people, lives, and homes. One of the main goals of Feng Shui is to identify beneficial chi pathways in the home or office and remove any obstructions that smooth flow.

Feng Shui for the home entrance way

Feng Shui for the home entrance way

In Feng Shui terms, doors are considered the “Mouth” of chi and windows are the “Eyes” of chi. Look carefully at what the entranceway, the front door and windows of the home are experiencing, as that will translate into what the home’s occupants are experiencing.

The entranceway is the last thing seen when leaving for the day and the first thing seen when coming home. If the entranceway is not comfortable to get through, take a look at what is blocking it. If people can’t get into the home easily, the chances are that beneficial chi cannot get in easily either.

Clutter Causes Energy Blockages in the Entranceway

Feng Shui for the home entrance way

Clutter has a tendency to build up. One small pile grows into a larger, more unmanageable one very quickly. Have the boots, shoes, newspapers, mail, magazines, recycling bins, shopping bags, and other items been piling up? Are winter boots out with your flip-flops? These items (and all possessions) are constantly giving messages. If the entranceway is untidy and potentially unsafe, the subliminal chatter probably sounds negative and annoying. Watch for and address these potential energy blockages at the home’s entranceway:

  • broken items which will probably never be repaired
  • overflowing shoe trays or coat trees
  • unsafe stairs
  • broken locks or doorbells
  • dirty windows or windowsills (dirt is clutter too!)
  • squeaky or broken doors
  • torn window screens
  • junk mail
  • garbage and recycling not taken out
  • items on which toes are regularly stubbed
  • unsent letters

Feng Shui Tips to Welcome Beneficial Chi into the Home

  • Ensure that your home’s number is clearly visible and dust-free. Make it easy for good fortune to find the right address!
  • Clear the front porch of dead plants, broken items, old newspapers, garbage bins (if possible)
  • Remove leaves from under outdoor stairs
  • Trim trees or shrubs which obstruct pathways or doors or block light from windows
  • Replace a faded or frayed welcome mat
  • Hang a crystal ornament in the front window to catch the sun
  • Hang wind chimes just outside the front door
  • Add fresh, vibrant plants just outside the front door, on both sides
  • Replace broken light bulbs
  • Be realistic about reusable shopping bags; most of us have too many – keep the sturdiest and most visually appealing, donate the rest
  • Maintain the space with a weekly clean up

Clear out that clutter and make your windows shine. A sense of satisfaction will be the daily reward, and that feeling will carry positive energy into the home. Lift the spirits by installing something just inside the door, which will bring a smile to the face every day. It may be a beautiful photograph, flowers, an inspirational quote, something which is meaningful and cheerful. Welcome the home’s occupants and guests to a tidy and uplifting home. The changes and improvements made will bring a feeling of success and well-being.

Feng Shui for the Home Entrance 1

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