Home Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Cleaning is necessary if you want your home to look good and be as safe and comfortable as possible, but for many of us, it is not a lot of fun, which is why I’ve put together some of the best home cleaning hacks to make the whole process a lot faster, simpler and effective…

Clean the vacuum with a coathanger

Home Cleaning Hacks
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If the suction on your vacuum is not what it once was, instead of muddling along and tripling the time it takes for you to effectively hoover up all of those crumbs and debris, take a wire coathanger, straighten it out and then carefully use it to tease any built-up hair, dust and first, not to mention any unusual blockages, from inside the vacuum. Chances are, once you’ve done this, it will be back to full power.

Disinfect cloths in the microwave

Cloths and sponges can pick up a lot of dirt and grime, which means you either need to clean them or replace them regularly, right? Not if you own a microwave. Simply place your cloth or sponge on the microwave plate, set the timer for 30-60 seconds, and voila! Germ-free cleaning cloths will be yours.

Invest in a telescopic pole

If you hate cleaning your windows because you feel unsafe up the ladder and you wobbling about means you don’t do the job as well as you could, then invest in one of these telescopic poles for window cleaning and you can do the job in seconds without ever having to climb a ladder!

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Clean the oven with a bowl of water

Hate scrubbing away for ages trying to get the oven clean, breathing in all those harsh cleaning product chemicals as you go? Try this hack instead. 

Simply place an oven-safe bowl filled with water on the middle shelf and turn the oven on at 200 degrees C. Leave for about an hour and let the oven cool. Then you should be able to simply wipe loose dirt from the oven using a microfiber cloth, although you may need to use soda crystals on the shelves if the dirt is really stubborn.

Use warm water for mopping

If you have tiles, laminate, or wooden floors that need regular mopping, save yourself a lot of time by ensuring that you use warm water instead of cold, as it is more effective at loosening dirt than cool water, and invest in a half and half bucket so you can rinse dirty water separately from the clean water you are using to wash the floor.

Keep clutter to a minimum

It’s obvious, but the less stuff you have, the less cleaning you have to do overall, so if you can, declutter your home, get rid of anything unwanted or unnecessary, and vow to give away one item for every new item you bring into the home. Life will be so much easier if you do.

Use these cleaning hacks in your home and not only will the place be sparkling, but you’ll have more time to enjoy it too!

Home Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know 2

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