How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven

Where you lay your head for the night has to be your fortress. It has to be the one place where you are the most comfortable. The bedroom should be designed with convenience as the driving factor.

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 1

The bed has to be big enough and, at the same time, allow enough room for other furniture and movement. Turning that space into your ideal comfort zone takes a keen eye and a little help. Below are some of the adjustments you can pull off to transform your bedroom into your comfort heaven.

Get a Big Enough Wardrobe

You need all your clothes in one place, neatly arranged. A bedroom that has clothes squeezed into many different spaces will always look disorganised. Invest in spacious cabinets and wardrobes to make it easy for you to store and access your things. If your current clothes cabinet has outdated or creaky movable joints, you can order custom made cabinet hinges to replace them; consider ordering in bulk to save on cost.

Some people create separate extension rooms just for their wardrobes and cabinets. If that is within your means then get it.

Add Some Life Using Art

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 2

There is nothing more personal than hanging your favourite painting in your bedroom. Placing it directly in your line of view when you lie in bed. Just like colours, art also has a calming effect on the brain. You can spend a few minutes just staring at it before falling asleep.

Other things you can add in your bedroom are potted plants and inanimate objects like small statues. However, with potted plants, Please make sure they are small enough to purify the air. Big plants are not recommended for the bedroom.

Use Calm Colours

Colour schemes play a huge role in making the bedroom a calming space. A useful trick is combining a light colour with an earthly one; You could try dark brown with creamy white. Paint the walls white, then ensure all the furniture and the flooring is matched to a dark brown tint. The contrast this creates has a calming effect on many people.

Other colours that work as well include seafoam and sand colours, blues and greys, pinks and greys, whites and taupe. You are free to experiment with colours that are close to your heart.

This should be applied to every single item and corner of your bedroom, from the bedding to curtains and from carpets to seating. Texas homeowners are often looking for the best furniture store in Rockwall that can satisfy their needs in a timely manner. You should always be looking into the quality of the furniture first; this way you can make sure that your bedroom is comfortably and stylishly furnished, while also being long-lasting.

Use the Right Kind of Drapes

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 3

In line with matching colours, ensure you get ready made pencil pleat drapes and curtains that blend in well with everything else in the bedroom. You can choose plain ones or go with colourful ones that have all kinds of patterns embroidered on them.

If your windows are big, you will need heavy drapes that can block the sunlight in the morning. The last thing you would want is to be woken up on a weekend too early by the glaring rays of the sun in your face. 

Get the best Mattress

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 4

A bad mattress can break you, literally. It is very easy to create problems with your back if you sleep in an uncomfortable mattress. Considering that you may have spent the whole day in a chair sitting upright, you need a mattress that helps your back heal from that.

A good mattress should be firm, with a soft texture that does not sink after a few nights of use. It should be able to hold any weight and be durable; if it comes with an option for adjustability, the better. You can always consult your physician for advice if you cannot decide on the one to get.

Set up Some Music

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 5

The soft humming of music played at a low and soft volume is therapeutic; it can put you to sleep within seconds. You can purchase a music system and strategically position the speakers to maximize their range.

Before going to bed, put on soothing music, or you could choose to listen to an audiobook or a meditation chant. The mind becomes peaceful when you are listening to repetitive sounds at a low volume. You will be surprised at how deep your sleep will be with this trick.

Use Scented Candles

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 6

The bedroom has to smell fresh all the time, whether it is being used or not. During the day, let fresh air waft in. Once you close the windows, use scented candles, the ones with subtle fragrances, to liven things up a bit. Walking into a bedroom smelling of flowers can brighten your mood instantly.

Be careful when dealing with candles, put them out before sleeping as they are a fire hazard. Other than candles, you can use air fresheners and perfumes to achieve the same.

Get The Lighting Right

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 7

A chandelier is a great touch to a bedroom, get a medium-sized one that is not too bright. Heavy chandeliers may be a hazard in case they fall. Generally, bedroom lights are usually located on the walls rather than the ceiling. Have them positioned in a way that does not make the light so intrusive.

You can have a bedside lamp if you are the kind that loves reading before bed. Some people also prefer coloured bulbs. You can choose a calming colour like blue or pink.

Big bedroom windows are ideal for lighting during the day. Allow as much light in as possible when you are not at home.

Use Fresh Linen As Frequently As Possible

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 8

Nothing is as irresistible than going into a bed with clean and fresh bed sheets and blankets. Maintaining cleanliness is the difference between a comfort zone and a place where you simply go to sleep. 

Swap linen every three days to maintain the freshness. It also goes without saying that a clean bed needs a clean occupant. A hot shower before bed will make your night even better.


When you turn your bedroom into a sanctuary, there is nothing that can put you down. Knowing that you have somewhere to go to and relax adds a spring to your step. Invest in your bedroom as much as you can, and it will take care of you.

How to Turn Your Bedroom into a Comfort Heaven 9

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