Document Organisation Ideas That Take The Stress Out Of File Management

When you run a business – even if it is just one you operate from your bedroom – you eventually run into file management issues. Even if you try to go paperless, you inevitably wind up with some physical materials that need sorting and storing. It’s just the way of things.

Take the stress out of file management

Document Organisation Ideas That Take The Stress Out Of File Management 1

Ideally, you want to avoid clutter getting the better of you. Working in a messy environment can slash your productivity and lead to poor service delivery for your client. Disaster!

Check out the following document organisation ideas and take the stress out of your file management. 

Try Using Desktop Organisers

Instead of shoving all your papers in a drawer beside your desk, try using a desktop document organiser, like a letter tray. You can use this to compartmentalise all your current documents, putting them all in easy reach. This way, you don’t have to spend hours rummaging around in drawers or fiddling about with filing cabinets. 

Use Colour-Coded Files

Here’s a pro tip that a lot of smart bosses are now employing in their businesses: colour-coded files. The concept here is pretty simple. You just use files of different colours, depending on a category. For instance, you might label all your tax documents yellow, client documents blue and colleague documents purple. Then, when you delve into your filing cabinet, you immediately know where to look.

Label Your Files

Labelling your files is also essential if you want to find important information quickly. A sound labelling system can easily half the time you spend rummaging.

Use Archival Services

Some businesses don’t bother keeping all their files on site. Instead, they outsource the task to archival companies. These agencies arrive at your office, pick up your files and then store them at a third party site until you can get rid of them. 

Many companies do this to keep a record of their financial histories, just in case of an audit. Laws in many countries state that firms need to keep relevant accounting information for tax authorities. Storing them at headquarters, however, is a waste of space and money. Putting them somewhere cheaper and secure out of town is often a much better option. 

Use Storage Service

Storage services operate on a similar principle to archival services, except it’s your job to determine how much space you need for your files. Store and More – a storage service – says that companies typically use services like these to store documents. However, they can be for pretty much anything. The basic concept is to rid the office of any excess clutter that isn’t relevant for current work. 

Project Folders

Document Organisation Ideas That Take The Stress Out Of File Management 2

Many home businesses and startups operate a project folder system where all the documents relevant to a particular activity go into a file. How you organise this depends very much on the needs of your business. You could, for instance, put all your outreach documents in one folder, and product development in another. 

Ultimately, keeping your office organised is relatively straightforward, so long as you know how to do it. Use these ideas and take the stress out of your working environment. 

Document Organisation Ideas That Take The Stress Out Of File Management 3

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