Refresh Your Bedroom (Without Breaking The Bank)

There is no doubt that interior decor can revitalize your space and make it much more pleasant to spend time in. However, the problem is often that changing the decor in a room can be on the costly side of things. Indeed, many people put off redecorating for precisely this reason. The good news is that in the post below you can find helpful suggestions on how to give your bedroom a refresh without needing to take out a second mortgage. Read on to find out more. 

One of the most simple ways to refresh your bedroom space is to change out the flooring. It doesn’t have to be expensive to do this either as you can opt for a cost-effective option like laminate flooring combined with a rug. Indeed, laminate flooring is much cheaper than solid wood flooring, it’s incredibly robust and long-lasting, and it’s easy to maintain as well, making it perfect for bedroom spaces. 

New bedding like pillowcases and duvet cases can instantly transform your bedroom, in a very cost-effective way. Indeed, you can get some truly amazing patterned bedding sets for under £40 these days featuring just about anything from geometric shapes to bright mushrooms, or Tibetan tigers! 

The great thing about bedding is that it’s cheap enough to invest in a new set fairly regularly so you can stay up to date with interior decor trends, or match your bedding to your mood, and even the season. All without breaking the bank. 

Lighting is crucial in any space, and bedrooms are no exception to this. The good news is that just like changing any other feature in the room, if you change your lighting you can help refresh the space and make it feel new again. 

In particular, changing out an old, dirty worn lampshade for a new more stylish one can work wonders. For maximum impact add a different temperature lightbulb (warm or cool light) as this will diffuse across the entire room and quickly change the atmosphere in a very simple but effective way. 

It used to be that curtains were one of the most expensive items people bought for their bedrooms. However, this is no longer the case and you can get a good pair of curtains that block out the light and keep the heat in your room for less than £30. 

This is good news because a new pair of curtains can easily transform a space like the bedroom and make it feel refreshed. I would, however, recommend that you opt for a neutral colour rather than a bold pattern. Perhaps even a shade that is similar to but to the same as your walls. The reason for this is that by doing so you open up so many more opportunities to refresh your space with new bedding and wall decor, while also not having to worry about matching these items to a pattern. 

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