Secret Methods for Saving on Heating

You can find many different tops for saving on heating during the winter. Advice like insulating your loft and putting on an extra jumper is easy to come across, but what if you’ve heard all of these tips before? If you’re looking for more interesting advice that you might not have read before, there are still some things that you might not have learnt. This article will give you some slightly more unusual tips for warming your home and saving money on your heating bills by getting more from your heating. Here are some of the changes that you can make.

Put a Shelf Above Your Radiator

Secret Methods for Saving on Heating 1

When your home has radiators, like the majority of homes in the UK, there are a few things you can do to optimise their power. You’re probably already aware that it’s usually necessary to bleed them occasionally and that you shouldn’t put furniture in front of them, but what else can you do to get more from them? One tip that you can use is to install a floating shelf about your radiator. This will help distribute the heat around the room instead of just making its way up to the ceiling, where it will be wasted.

Protect Against Oil Spillages

While most homes in the UK have gas central heating, some use oil or electricity to stay warm. If you have an oil tank that you use for your oil boiler, you might have oil spillages. Not only could these be dangerous, but they can also lead to a big waste of money. Any oil that gets spilt is an oil that you can’t use to heat your home. When you’re looking at oil tanks to replace your current one, make sure it has protection against spillages. A double skinned tank can offer you an extra layer of protection. RPM Fuels & Tanks have an extensive range of domestic oil tanks for sale coupled with professional support and friendly service.

Control Your Curtains

Secret Methods for Saving on Heating 2

Paying close attention to your windows can help you to keep your home warmer too. You probably know that a heavy pair of curtains can be good for providing extra insulation, especially if they have a thermal lining. But do you know when you should open and close your curtains? While closing them at night can help to keep in the heat, you should have them open during the day until around 3 pm or 4 pm, when the sun starts to set and the temperature drops.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Secret Methods for Saving on Heating 3

Not everyone likes carpets in their home, but hard floors can get pretty chilly. If you have stripped floorboards, they might look good, but they also leave gaps that can let draughts through. A silicone-based filler can fill up these gaps to prevent draughts and hopefully save you some money on your heating bills. Another tip is to use rugs on hard floors, which will be warmer on your feet and make space feel warmer too. You can even layer rugs for extra warmth.

Use these little tips for saving on heating so you can keep your home warm for less in the winter.

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