The Most Common Home Decoration Mistakes

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Your work as a homeowner is to identify the most affordable look that you want to give your home. Not everyone can identify between well and poorly-designed homes which is why home decoration mistakes happen.

In addition, if you have a designer there are many who will rarely tell you when they committed a mistake when working on your project.

Common Home Decoration Mistakes

The Most Common Mistakes during Home Decoration

These home decoration mistakes can include:

1. Buying decor that’s the same height

Try not to mess up the style of the room by placing items of the same size together. Instead, you should group items in a combination of different shapes, sizes, and colours to add depth and interest.

2. Styling dark furniture in a small space

Having a small space appears challenging when you want to design it. Small spaces can feel even smaller if you have dark furniture. Therefore, choose furniture with lightweight fabric and finish to make the available space beautiful and more welcoming.

3. Choosing the wrong rug size


The rugs make a point of interest in a room. However, you need to take heed when choosing the rug that it is so small it looks lost in the available space or too large that it dominates and leaves no room to breathe. Make sure you get a rug that covers all the seat legs in a living room.

4. Hanging art too high

One of the best ways to a perfect style is by bringing in the artwork. Nevertheless, where and how do you hang them? Do not put them too low or too high.  It’s best to have a partner on hand when hanging artwork so that you can have a second opinion before deciding the final position.

Day by day, new trends are emerging but don’t fall into the habit of changing decor with every new design fad.  It will cost a fortune and you might never feel fully satisfied.  Instead, put aside trends when it comes to home, buy what you love, and suits your needs. The taste will not fade even in years to come.

6. Having one light source

Light is very essential in every setup, so avoid having just one source, for example, the overhead bulbs only.   These can look harsh and don’t create a relaxing environment. Select multiple sources, place them in different positions and check on the brightness. Place warm or soft lights appropriately to set the mood.

7. Treating greenery as an afterthought

Indoor Plant

Homeowners often forget about a little touch of green added into a room. That one vase with a flower in a corner enhances the look of the room.  Do your homework when buying plants to ensure that you will be able to care for them and place them in the most beneficial position for them to thrive.

8. Shying away from investment pieces

Buying one or two expensive pieces of furniture and accessorising with more affordable items is a good way to save money.  Don’t be afraid to indulge a little in the bigger pieces of furniture like sofas and beds as you want them to last.

9. Arranging furniture flush against a wall

Most times, we tend to push our furniture to the walls may be to create an illusion for a larger room. This doesn’t always work and can leave the room feeling sparse and not very welcoming.  Create groups of items to make the room feel like a sociable area where you can sit long, talk much and laugh often.

Bottom Line

Go for what you love and use your thoughts to get your house to it its potential. You determine the beauty people will see in your home. Since you yearn for quality, it is good when you know the common mistakes that come along. This helps you keep the designer on toes, and never leave them to identify the problems for you.

The Most Common Mistakes during Home Decoration

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