Why Is Everyone So Obsessed With Cozy Living

If you’ve been following interior design blogs, you’ll notice that the term “hygge” comes up over and over again. It’s such a massive movement right now that even mainstream publications are getting involved.

But what is it about cozy living that has people so enamoured? Let’s take a look. 

It Helps Us To Better Appreciate The Space We Have

Large rooms with nothing in them are a waste of space. Yes, it’s great to have a home with large square footage. But if you don’t know how to fill it, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. 

When you make your home cozy, though, you are better appreciating the space you have. You’re changing the environment to improve the way you feel, filling rooms with objectives that improve your mood

It’s All The Rage Right Now

Cozy living is the interior design trend that just won’t go away. Usually, concepts like this come and go within a couple of years, but Danish hygge has really struck a chord. 

What’s driving this? Well, partly, it’s the current state of the world. Every couple of weeks, there seems to be a new crisis brewing on the horizon that shakes up everyone’s life. We’ve had political chaos, pandemics, wars, and now a looming food shortage. It’s all too much for many people to bear. We want to retreat into our homes and experience a little comfort while the world outside is falling into chaos. 

It’s Easy To Do

Hygge home
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Making your home a little cozier is also surprisingly easy to do. You don’t need to be an interior design genius. All you need are a few extra blankets and cushions. 

Even adding lighting is surprisingly simple. There’s an electrician near me who adds wiring to outdoor spaces so that people can hook up fairy lights and make their porches cozier in the evenings. Plus, it’s so simple. 

It’s About Nostalgia

There’s another reason people want to make their homes cozy: they want their lives to feel like they did when they were children. They remember the good times when they were younger and want to return to them.

For many adults today, life is difficult. There are so many pressures that simply didn’t exist in the past. For many, it all gets a little too much. 

The solution, for some, is to change the way they live. Instead of coming back to a stark home, they want something that is going to make them feel all warm and fuzzy, both on the inside and the outside. 

We Want To Return To Nature

Hygge home
Unsplash – CC0 License

Interestingly, some people make their homes cozier because they want to return to nature. They feel, deep in their psyche, that being around natural objects is better for them than living in an attractive, yet synthetic, dwelling. 

Natural doesn’t just mean adding more plants (although it can do). It also means fitting out the house with the sort of textures that you would find in nature. Fulfilling your “biophilia” or inclination to feel better in natural surroundings, is essential. 

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