5 Scenarios When A Professional Is Better Than DIY

Sometimes DIY can seem like a great alternative to hiring a professional contractor. However, there are some cases where investment in an expert can help reduce costs. There’s also the chance that even the simplest home maintenance can cause future issues and even dangerous repairs later down the line. Here are five scenarios when a professional is definitely better than DIY.

Drywall Repair

5 Scenarios When A Professional Is Better Than DIY
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Over time, the drywall in your home can become damaged and cracked. You might think it’s a simple repair, but a Drywall Repair service can help you avoid future costs. Painting over damaged drywall can significantly impact the integrity of your drywall panels. Over time you might have to replace all the panels affected by the damage. However, hiring a drywall repair service will help you correctly repair the damage so you can paint over and protect your drywall for longer.


Are you familiar with repairing a tap? Then this level of plumbing DIY is fine. However, for larger problems like leaks, utility replacement and pipe changes, a professional contractor is the safest person to carry out this task. Firstly, your home insurance might cover call outs for a plumber to fix leaks or issues in the home. Secondly, DIY on significant plumbing issues might void your home insurance or cause greater issues further down the line. Seek professional advice for anything larger than replacing a faucet.


If you know how to change a plug or socket, then this is an acceptable level of DIY. However, electrics is an extremely volatile area for a budding DIYer. The risk to your health is severe, with exposure to wires and plugs, and if done incorrectly there’s even the risk of fire in walls or behind furniture that you’re not aware of. Call a qualified electrician for your electrical DIY needs.


One in three people admitted that they would consider fitting a gas appliance themselves. However, in reality, all gas fittings or changes should be carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. A gas fitter will come and install gas appliances and any service lines needed as part of a kitchen renovation. If you smell a gas leak, always call your gas service emergency line immediately and do not attempt any repairs yourself.


Your roof is integral to your home. If you suspect your roof has been damaged by adverse weather conditions, call a roof repair specialist. They will usually charge a fee for an initial call out and give you a free consultation on what repairs are required. Skilled roof experts will be able to repair your roof without causing any additional damage. 


In cases where repairs need to be carried out on risky or volatile items, like plumbing, electrics or gas, always call in a professional. Apart from some minor cases like changing a socket, you’ll always benefit from someone qualified to avoid any further damage to your home. In addition, structural issues like drywall damage and roof repairs should also be carried out by an expert. In some cases, even minimal repairs may jeopardize your home insurance.

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