Go Off-Grid: Independent Living Could Be For You

If there is one thing that feels like a spontaneous decision but really shouldn’t be, it’s going off-grid. Independent living requires a lot of careful thought and careful planning. It’s something that can be completely difficult and it can cost a lot of money – it’s packed with problems, too. You have to do all that you can to learn about independent living because while it feels like fairy tale fodder – heading into the woods, building a house and living a life being free – it’s really so much more than that.

Once you have made the huge commitment to leave your neighbourhood and look at homestead designs in the countryside, you are choosing to get out of the norm and do something different. You need to be financially secure enough to do this, and you need to know what it means to leave regular society and be different. If you are considering living off-grid, here are some of the best reasons it could be for you.

Go Off-Grid: Independent Living Could Be For You

go off-grid independent living
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1. You no longer pay into the government services

When you live off-grid, you no longer pay into centralised utility services. You also are freer from the corporate rules and bureaucracy that comes with living on the grid. Truly independent living is always discouraged by governments, and that makes sense given they would be losing out on your money! All of the steps to go off-grid take time and effort (and money!) on your side of things. 

2. You’re economically free

It’s not always easy to let go of this notion, as you might need to earn money. However, if you choose to learn the right skills, you can go off the grid and learn to fend for yourself. You can learn to be your own boss and understand bartering networks with local homesteads and others who live life away from society. You can even start a blog to generate extra income. You don’t put your money into corporate pockets because you grow and raise your food, heat with fire and candles and learn to use generators for electricity.

3. You can rely on your infrastructure

When you live for yourself and support your family off the grid, you don’t have to rely on the infrastructure around you. You can identify weaker points in your new home and you can learn key skills that include sourcing and storing clean water, plumbing to create independent water systems and you can even use solar power to keep you truly off the grid. If there’s a fire or flood, you don’t have to worry about the collapse of your infrastructure as you only need to rely on yourself.

4. You can stay away from the fight

One of the main reasons people choose to live off-grid is for the peace that comes with it. You don’t have to be involved in anything going on societally, which puts you in a strong position for managing your family and keeping your peace. This is one of the best reasons to get out there and live off the grid.

Go Off-Grid: Independent Living Could Be For You 1

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