moving in bad weather

How to deal with moving in bad weather

Moving is already a challenging task that needs to be done, but having to deal with the burden of bad weather is going to make this significantly worse. Some many, the big day to move out is something that is set in stone, meaning, they can’t move the date, and it’s nearly impossible. So what can be done? Well, fortunately, you can still survive the dreaded move even in the worst weather. Here are some helpful tips to make it a little bit more manageable when bad weather strikes.

Try to discuss the move with the moving company

moving in bad weather
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If you’re still looking into moving companies (prior to the big day), ask them whether or not they offer alternatives if there’s going to be unpleasant weather. If you plan on using Two Men And A Truck, then you’ll want to get an idea of the conditions that they can and can’t work in. Just read through their policies and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Almost always, something can be worked out, but it’s all about having discussions and maybe even getting it in writing too.

Prepare for the day

Most people will look at the weather a few days in advance before the big moving day. Make sure you do this too. This is going to give you the best idea of what to expect and how you can prepare. This can include contacting the moving service you plan to use and asking them if they can still show up on the big day. But there’s plenty that you can do from your end too. If it’s going to be super-hot such as a heatwave, you can plan to do most of the moving in the morning or evening (depending on when the moving company will arrive). But get an idea of what you’ll wear, packing water, wearing sunscreen, and maybe even wearing a hat to protect your scalp.

The same can be said for rain or snow, wear the right clothing, have umbrellas, bring protection such as a tarp for your boxes, and maybe get something to layout to keep the floor protected. Bad weather, regardless of temperature will make it a bit more difficult to move, it may even make it take a bit longer to get anything done. But just know that you can still handle this regardless of rain or shine.

Pack smart

Regardless of whether or not you’ll be moving to a smaller house, you need to know to pack smartly. Let’s say that you’re going to be moving during the season when it tends to rain a whole bunch. In cases like this, you may want to opt-out of using traditional cardboard boxes. Once cardboard boxes get wet, they immediately begin to weaken especially if they’re a little heavy. Instead, you may want to opt into other ways to pack, as this will protect your belongings and prevent any potential damage. This could include using plastic containers, suitcases, or tote bags. 

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