How to Achieve Cool Bedroom Designs for Kids

Cool bedroom designs for kids require a different approach from that of designing an adult’s bedroom. How do you come up with children’s room schemes that are functional, fabulous and made to grow with the kids? To achieve this, you need to listen to their ideas, understand their interests and apply long-term thinking to them. The importance is that you want to ensure that the idea will last, while the level of planning helps you budget and at the same time is able to avoid costly mistakes. In this article, we feature Cool Bedroom Designs for Kids.

1. Choosing the right paint type and Colour for Kids Bedroom

Kids's bedroom

Different paint types are available in the market today. It is important you consider the type that best suits the children. While picking the paint, remember that kid’s bedroom requires that flat finish. Paint type that is resistant to marks and can be scrubbed clean.  Therefore, give them walls with a wipe-clean version so that you avoid any permanent stains. Matt emulsion gives the walls a cleaner look at keeping them in a good state for a longer period. Colourful paints give the kids room an identity that they will love. The colour helps to create a perfect haven that is perfect for sleeping and playing. Remember that older kids will want to be involved in paint choosing and so this might require capitulating.

2. Focus on Ensuring Kids Sleep Comfortably

When designing the kids bedroom comfort should never be undermined. That is why the choice of mattress is crucial for the kid’s bedroom. Consider that the kid’s growth is constant both physically and mentally. Their brains and the entire body develop most rapidly at night. The foam mattress supports the kids and is suitable for any sleeping style. Remember that if the children sleep comfortably you also get a good night sleep. Go for a durable and comfortable mattress and one that guarantees not to aggravate allergies and other sensitivities.

3. Kids Room Wall Décor

Kid's bedroom

When looking at bedroom designs for kids, focus on the kid’s room wall décor to achieve a look that best suits the kid’s personality. Choose the kid’s bedroom wallpapers that are bold and busy. Using one wallpaper type on the four walls might look overwhelming making the room feel too small. You can alternatively choose wallpaper on a single wall or perhaps just two walls. To give it a lasting impression, avoid the dedicated children’s wallpapers. Consider the geometric patterns that come in a range of colourways. This is from the bold to the subtle shades suitable for different ages.

Another alternative to geometric wallpapers is murals. The murals work as a feature wall and are created with wallpaper, and you can size the design. This is different from the wallpapers since you will not have to work with the standard rolls of wallpaper and at the same time, you are able to avoid pattern mismatching.

If none of these feels like it, wall stickers can add interest to the children’s bedroom. The wall stickers are easy to remove and so you can always change them in case they feel tiring. With the wall stickers, you can choose types that are suitable for different ages.

4. Choosing the Right Kids Bedroom Flooring

Kid's bedroom

The advantage of using a floor carpet is that it feels warm and comfortable underfoot. It also allows the kids to sit on the carpet while playing or just reading their favourite storybooks. The floor carpet also acts as a cushion in case of falls while also providing effective noise insulation. In other words, the kid’s bedroom is useful and thus feels right having it in the kid’s bedroom. However, the kid’s bedroom carpet is prone to spills and staining. Therefore, in case of spills, they should be blotted immediately and gently cleaned. Consider polypropylene, which is dirt, stain-resistant and popularly used in kid’s bedrooms.

Vinyl floors also feel warm and hardwearing. These are easy to clean and available in different colours. The vinyl material allows you to make the floor the centre of focus featuring subtle shades and you can opt for the neutrality of wood-like vinyl. For that comfortable and durable surface, choose the rubber floor type. It feels soft and comfortable walking on while at the same time it is easier to clean floor type for kid’s bedroom.

5. Kids Bedroom Furniture

It is important you pick a colour that fits well with the walls and flooring too. Go for the light coloured wood and whatever works well with the kids colour scheme. The mattress choice should guide the size of bed you are purchasing for the kid’s bedroom. If going for a double mattress, make sure that the bed choice suits the mattress well. An adjustable base bed frame ensures kids comfort. The panel style bed is simple and comes with a curve set into the wood. Slats bed has a casual feel allowing bedcover visibility. Adding finials allows you to customize the kid’s bed. In addition, decorative toppers for the four-bed corners look just as the name sounds. You can go for the normal bed that comes with the high headboard with a footboard or the platform beds.

6. The Kids Bedroom Curtains

Ensuring you have the right choice for the kid’s bedroom curtains might feel overwhelming. Focus on blocking the light, as kids need darkness to convince them that it is bedtime. Therefore, opt for the block-out lining to reduce the natural light and the UV rays. It is also necessary you block sounds as much as it will be possible. Kid’s bedroom curtains should also be easy to clean and maintain. This is because they are likely to get dirty. Choose the curtain material that is easy to maintain. The natural fibre made curtains are too delicate and require professional cleaning. Privacy is also important when choosing bedroom curtains.

Those are important considerations when choosing bedroom designs for kids. Ensure that the kid’s bedroom feels comfortable and well equipped.


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