How to improve productivity in the office with Feng Shui

I have been working from home now for over 10 years, so I know all the pitfalls to productivity and inspiration. Working from home isn’t for everyone, you need to be self-motivated and driven without being easily distracted. There have certainly been times over the years when my productivity has suffered, and now that I understand the concepts of Feng Shui, I am quickly able to see where changes need to be made. In a Feng Shui office, I feel inspired, powerful and productive; it can improve your creativity, self-discipline and ultimately your success. Here are a few tips to help you find the right Feng Shui balance in your office;

Tidy Desk, Tidy Mind

Without a doubt, my mind is at its most focused when I have a clear and tidy desk. When surrounded by clutter, you will find it hard to concentrate and out of control. Use letter trays, magazine files, pen holders and storage drawers to store everything in an organised fashion so that your workspace can be primarily focused on one task at a time. I operate with three letter trays, one to do, one for ‘in progress’ when waiting for something to complete a task and one for ‘filing’. I also try to do my filing once weekly so that this doesn’t build up and become another dreaded task on the to-do list. I keep all of my manuals and research materials easily to hand in a magazine file similar to the above.

How to improve productivity in the office with Feng Shui 1

Desk Position

Ensure that your desk puts you in a position of ‘power’. This means, not sitting with your back to the door (and window) and ideally being able to see as much of the room as possible, although the door is the most important part of the equation. Think about sitting with your back to the back or side wall. If you happen to share an office with others, the Feng Shui ruling is that the person with the most power sits further from the door. Also, try to avoid sitting back to back with colleagues; if this is not possible, then try placing a barrier between you, like a plant, or office divider, or even placing your jacket on the back of your chair to protect you. Your back should not be exposed, or you will be open to ‘backstabbing’.

How to improve productivity in the office with Feng Shui 2

Select Artwork Carefully

Think of your office walls as your treasure map; place pictures, artwork, wall murals and inspirational words on the walls to remind you what you are working to achieve. Each time you start to feel a little demotivated, look at the artwork, and you will feel driven to keep working towards your goals. Choose furniture which looks and feels expensive to attract prosperity, wealth and abundance into your life.

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Choosing Feng Shui Colours

Colour is an important factor when decorating your office space, and there are certain colours which are ideal for a Feng Shui office;

  • Golds, soft yellows/oranges and pale green/blue are good Feng Shui colours for an office.
  • White will increase focus and clear thinking.
  • Browns and earthy tones help to balance and ground an office space, but they will not stimulate.
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Reduce Stress

Work can often be a stressful place, but putting in a few Feng Shui remedies can help to ease this considerably. Think about adding soft lines instead of sharp edges and corners so that the energy in your workplace can flow freely. Use soft lighting to reduce glare and play calming music in the background. Considering adding plants to soften corners running water features (which must pool, not disappear) or use a mist diffuser with essential oils.

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