How To Make Your Home Safer And More Secure

Home security is, for obvious reasons, one of the biggest concerns faced by homeowners on a daily basis. This fear is only elevated by the fact that three home burglaries occur every single minute – often causing significant damage to the property and resulting in great financial loss. In addition to this, burglaries can have a profound emotional impact on the victim – leaving them to feel unsafe in their own home. As a result, it’s important that you find as many ways as possible to keep your home safe and secure.  

Make Your Home Safe
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Here are some simple, yet more effective ways in which you can make your home safer!

  • Ensure you are prepared for any home emergencies by simply following good security practises. For example, you should ensure that you always lock the door when you head out, and don’t leave any windows open. 
  • As your children get older, you’ll want to give them more responsibility, such as their own keys. Ensure that they are mature enough for this responsibility ahead of time so that they always lock the door when they leave/enter. 
  • Install security doors in your home, to provide you with an extra level of protection from crime. Not only are these doors highly durable and effective security measures, but they also look great – meaning you don’t have to sacrifice safety for style. Security doors are particularly useful for those who spend a lot of time away from their home – whether you are at work or travelling. 
  • In recent years, there has been an increase in the popularity of the smart video doorbell. Not only are they a useful way to manage any deliveries to your home when you’re at work or away, but they’re also a deterrent for crime as perpetrators will be caught on camera. As a result, they are an excellent addition to any home – especially due to the fact that they will give you great peace of mind. 
  • While home updates (as listed above) are a great way to make your home safer and more secure, you should also ensure that you are aware of the best places to hide your valuables in your home should the worst occur. For example, you should store valuables such as important documents and expensive jewellery in the last place you’d expect someone to look – such as in a safe disguised as another item (book, VHS container, etc).
  • Installing motion-detection lighting in your backyard or driveway is another great way to keep your home more secure – due to the fact that it serves once again as a deterrent. Not only should the light startle any person trying to gain entry, but it will also inform you (or your neighbours) of their presence. This equipment works excellently in conjunction with traditional burglary alarms and video doorbells. 
  • As mentioned above, perhaps the easiest way to keep your home safe and secure is by using some kind of security alarm and having it set up whenever you leave the house. Remember – there’s no point in having this equipment if you do not actually use it.
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