How to Renovate a House on a Budget

Budget is a common problem when it comes to home renovation or remodelling but with some strategic planning about designs, materials, and timing you can cut down the cost. To renovate your home within budget is a difficult task. A room renovation can cost in thousands but there is no need to spend money beyond limits. You need to think smart ideas to renovate a home within the budget.

How to Renovate a House on a Budget
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Here are some of the tips given below that helps to remodel your home with specific budget:

Paint the walls

It’s surprising to know that most people don’t prefer white colour to paint the walls because they think it could get dirty soon. The white colour will refresh the room instantly and it’s the first thing anyone thinks before the renovation of a home on a budget. This will instantly give the modern look to the home.

There are millions of shades in white, there are some cool and warm white colours where some have greys and yellowish shades as under-tone. There is a huge variety of good paints in the market that are affordable and give the fresh look to your house.

Purchase the paint at discount rates and avail offers like buy one get one free to maintain the budget. Purchase high-quality paint, but it doesn’t mean that to buy expensive paint. If you want to find out the discount from the actual price of the paint you can use a discount calculator that also allows you to calculate the reduced price of a product and how much money you save after buying.

Improve lighting of the house

Improve lighting of the house
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Make sure that the spectrum of light is appropriate for the area. Use soft bulbs that emit yellow and red light for undertone shades in the living room and use blue bulbs for study or the library room. Purchasing bulbs in bulk is a money-saving strategy or you can replace the lights with energy-saving bulbs to save money. You can try a discount calculator before purchasing items so you can estimate the discount rate of items by just putting the details in the relevant sections.

Install mirrors to small rooms so that your room looks wider and it also increases the lighting of the room. You can also install new curtains in the window to give a new look. 

Open Up Your Space

You can free some space by removing the wall of your house to give a brand new look to your house. Remove all the unwanted and waste furniture and other material from your house, it will also expand free space. 

Moving furniture from one room to another will also help to clear the space.

Update Your Flooring

If your floor is out-dated and spoiled from different areas you can use hardwood to make a new floor for your rooms. You can also use cheap rated carpets to give a trendy and stylish look to your room. If you are purchasing goods for the floor then look at those things that are available on sale like buy 1 get 2 free, buy 2 get 1 free or something like that. Before buying any product, simply try an online discount rate calculator that helps to find out how much discount you get on a specific product, also the money you saved after buying your product. 

Rearrange and Refurbish Furniture

Rearranging the old furniture would definitely change the entire look of your house. Choose the best place for the furniture so that your room looks wider and neater. Polishing old furniture can also give a new and better look. 

Polishing material is also available at 10% off or 20% off discount offers. For the convenience of maintaining a budget, you can try a percentage discount calculator to find the percentage of discount that you get on purchasing polishing material or any other product.


Renovation of the home is not an easy task for anyone, but, it is something that can increase the value of your home in different aspects. So, all you need to avail a discount and special offers when you have a limited budget for renovating a house. 

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