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Style a dining table ready for entertaining

The dining table is a place where the family come together, not only to eat but also to chat and enjoy each others company. But if you are having guests over, are having a dinner party or even a children’s birthday party – you will no doubt want the table to look the part – especially if it might end up on Instagram! Dressing the dinner table has become a ritual, so we have put together some tips for you.

Luxurious layers

Layer patterns, textures, and colour alongside your best table wear and candlesticks. This could be in the form of linen table cloths, table runners, placemats and napkins all arranged as if you were in a first-class restaurant. Add you best glassware and light some of your favourite scented candles.

Style a dining table ready for entertaining 1

Get floral

Fresh flowers on the table always make a lovely statement, these could be shop-bought or from your garden. They will look great displayed in glass bottles or vases and will give a romantic feel and also leave a beautiful scent.

Style a dining table ready for entertaining 2


Starting with the basics, matching colours can make a huge difference to the look of a table. Drawing inspiration from the seasons is always a winning idea; think vibrant hues for spring and summer, burnt oranges and browns during autumn, and timeless classic shades in the winter. To elevate the autumn theme further, consider adding a centrepiece with lots of nuts and dried fruit assortments. Not only will it add a pop of colour and texture, but it also serves as a delightful treat for your guests, perfectly merging style with taste.

Style a dining table ready for entertaining 3


Don’t forget to make sure guests can see over the table centrepiece. When you have it on the table, sit down and check you can see around or over your centrepiece. Large branches in a tall vase make for a statement, these can then be decorated for seasonal looks, for example butterflies in Spring, real leaves in autumn and snowflakes or baubles at Christmas.

Style a dining table ready for entertaining 4

Go outdoors

Summer is the ultimate season for outdoor entertaining, and after a year without gatherings, it feels great to have people over for barbecues. If you’re eating outdoors go for melamine plates as these do not break easily, you could go for a certain theme, like a tiki party with bamboo mats, wooden straws, mini cocktail umbrellas and fresh fruit out on the table.

Style a dining table ready for entertaining 5

Ultimately have fun with it – it is all about enjoying yourselves with great company.

Style a dining table ready for entertaining 6

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