Choosing curtains and blinds for different rooms

If the time has come to update your curtains and blinds, you must consider that each room has its own needs and requirements. We have put together some advice for you before you go ahead and change your curtains or blinds in your home.

Think practically

Choosing curtains and blinds for different rooms

Most of us will have curtains in our home – they serve the actual purpose of shutting out the light and also add a warm and cosy feel. Our bedrooms are where we want to sleep and rest and stay warm, which means that the best choice would be dark black-out curtains. Roller blinds also provide a bit of privacy for when the curtains are open during the day.

In the living room, privacy will be paramount as it is usually on the ground floor. Venetian blinds would be a good option, with plenty of control due to their tilting ability that still allows natural light to filter through but also stops people from looking in.

In your kitchen, you will want to keep any window dressings to a minimum, so you will want to go for hassle-free and safe options to use around cooking appliances – again, a blind would be a great option for the kitchen. Blinds can easily be wiped clean, especially the metal style Venetian blinds.

The look

Window blinds

Of course, you are going to want whatever your choose to compliment your decor and colour scheme. Your bedroom may be a neutral space, so you could go for light tones or sheer curtain fabric alongside something heavier and luxurious to give that opulent feel.

White curtains

For the living room, shutters are a trendy option for many modern homes. They provide a seamless design, privacy, and warmth, but if shutters are too pricey, you can buy wooden Venetian blinds with tapes resembling shutters.

Shop around


You don’t have to choose one or the other when it comes to curtains or blinds. Plenty of homeowners are discovering the benefits that come from using both and layering in certain rooms. There are so many options of colours, textures, materials and styles that there really is something that will suit everyone’s tastes.

Choosing curtains and blinds for different rooms 1

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