How to keep your home cool in summer

Many of us in the UK have been enjoying the glorious hot weather over the past week. As much as we have all been waiting for this much-needed sunshine, inside our homes can quickly become uncomfortable when things get too hot. So, what are the best ways to keep your home cool in the summer? Let’s find out some tips and tricks.

Invest in a fan

How to keep your home cool in summer

Whether you choose a desk fan, a tower fan or a ceiling fan, the cool air that is circulated really does help to keep you cool. Tower fans work well in larger rooms to help disperse the cool air, and ceiling fans are instrumental in the evenings, especially in a bedroom if you are struggling to get to sleep. You could also put a bowl of ice in front of the fan – not only will this blow the cold air, but it will also add some cooling moisture to the room.

Keep curtains and windows closed during the day

How to keep your home cool in summer 1

When it is hot outside, we automatically think we should open all of the windows; this can actually let in hot air rather than cool, warming your home if you do want to let some air in, try and open windows at opposite ends of the house to let the air move through and try to create a breeze. Closing your curtains will also stop the sunlight from entering the room – in turn making the room feel cooler.

Open your windows at night

open window

Not great if you live on the main road, but if you can bear the street noise outside, open your windows at night time, and you’ll feel more of a benefit from the cool breeze. Temperatures drop considerably at night. Opening up the windows will allow cooler air to circulate through the rooms and help you sleep better.

Use house plants

House plants

House plants help to bring moisture into your rooms – great news for all of us crazy plant-people out there. Apparently, peace Lillies and rubber plants are particularly good for creating a moist atmosphere.

Blinds and shutters

How to keep your home cool in summer 2

Venetian blinds or plantation shutters are great at helping to keep the temperature down indoors. You can adjust the slats to filter the sunlight which comes through the windows. Wooden blinds and shutters also help to keep the warm air outside in the summer months.

If you are struggling to sleep in the heat but can’t sleep without bed covers, go for cotton sheets or linen with a loose weave. This will help with airflow and keep you feeling less sweaty overnight.

How to keep your home cool in summer 3

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