How to use the Feng Shui colour red

The Feng Shui colour red is exciting and energetic and energises wealth, fame, love, and family. Find out how the colour red can bring energy to your life.

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The Feng Shui colour red is the strongest colour of all in the colour spectrum. Red is a colour not commonly found in nature, but it gives a strong, potent message when we do see it. I suppose it’s like when you see a stunning red rose, it conveys a message of love, and you almost expect it to have a strong scent to perfume the senses.

It’s amazing how one colour can be viewed differently depending on what culture you have been raised in. Those who live in the East view the Feng Shui colour red as totally different from those who live in the West.

Red in the East

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In China, red is considered to be the colour of happiness and prosperity and is highly auspicious. Brides in the east will wear a red bridal gown on their wedding day to attract good luck from heaven, and eggs are dyed red and distributed one month after a baby is born to show blessings upon the parents for a new life.

Red in the West

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In the west, on the other hand, red is viewed as a danger, rage, and warning sign, but there is one common theme that both the east and west view the same, and that is that the colour red represents happiness love and passion.

Red is also inspirational and can give a person great confidence. I have to confess that red is one of my favourite colours, and I always feel vibrant and confident when I wear it.

However, it should be remembered that red is also the colour of rage and can create havoc if not used wisely. After all, red does relate to the fire element, and we all know if you play with fire, you will get burned!

Red in Home Decorating

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Using red in rooms is a concern. You should use the colour carefully and only apply it to a room that involves activity and excitement, for example, a games room or home gym.

One word of warning: avoid using red throughout a south-facing bedroom as it can induce insomnia. But, If you must use it in the bedroom, be sensible and apply it sparingly. Enhance the south corner of the room with red candles, hang a painting of a red design on the wall, or hang deep plum red curtains at the windows. Whatever you do, remember less is more!

Always visualise red positively as the colour of happiness, strength, power, and energy.

Red is the colour of the south, represents summer, and is the element of fire

The celestial creature is associated with the Feng Shui colour red, and the south is the crimson phoenix. This winged bird is beautiful and brings many opportunities for advancement. Use an ornament of a crane, flamingo, rooster, or peacock to stimulate the celestial phoenix’s vitality, which can also improve and increase your wealth.

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  • Lyndsey OHalloran

    April 27, 2021 at 8:28 pm

    Wow, I didn’t know red in a bedroom could cause insomnia. What an interesting read.

  • Kira Hut

    April 29, 2021 at 11:32 am

    Oh wow these are really interesting and some things I had no idea of!

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