Easy and Fun Playroom Organisation Ideas

Are you looking for creative ideas to help organise your playroom? It can be challenging to keep a playroom tidy, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. With time and effort, you can turn your cluttered playroom into an organised and fun space! In this article, we will provide easy and fun playroom organisation ideas to help make storing toys and supplies less chore.

Playroom Organisation

Playroom Organisation Ideas

Playrooms can be an excellent place for young kids of all ages to play, learn and grow. However, they can also quickly become cluttered and disorganised. If you’re tired of stepping on toys or tripping over stuffed animals, it might be time to consider some playroom organisation ideas.

Creating designated zones for lots of toys in the right place is a straightforward great way to organise your child’s playroom and encourage independent play. For example, your kid’s playroom could have a reading nook with open shelving or a bookshelf and comfortable seating area, an arts and crafts area with storage bins for supplies, and a play area with toys and essential items labelled baskets or boxes. This helps keep things tidy and encourages children to engage in different activities.

Another idea is to utilise dedicated vertical space by installing wall shelves or cabinets. This frees up floor space while providing ample storage for items that might otherwise clutter the room.

Kid’s Toys: Storage Solutions

Playroom storage

Consider investing in furniture that doubles as storage options, such as ottomans, benches or bookshelves with baskets for small parts or cubbies. These pieces provide ample space for storing toys and add an aesthetic appeal to any room they are placed in. Additionally, using labelled containers like bins, boxes, or drawers is a simple way to make it easier for kids to identify where their toys should go after playtime.

Lego Bricks: Storage Ideas 

Lego bricks are a timeless toy that has been enjoyed by generations of young children and adults alike. However, with the variety and abundance of Lego sets available, storage can become a challenge, and if not careful, Lego can take over a whole room. Keeping your Lego bricks organised not only makes it easier to find the right pieces when you need them but also helps prevent damage to your precious collection. Here are some creative Lego brick storage ideas to help keep your collection tidy.

One clever way to store Lego bricks is by using a pegboard system. Mounting a pegboard on the wall space provides an easy way to organize and display your collection while keeping it off the floor and out of harm’s way. Another option is using a stackable Cube organizer or Storage Baskets, drawers or plastic bins, which allow you to compartmentalize by colour or size, making it quick and easy to find what you need. Labelling each drawer will further streamline your organization process.

Books and Games: Creative Shelving

Kids bookshelves

When it comes to designing shelving units for your child’s playroom, plenty of ideas exist. For instance, you could opt for floating shelves with colourful book covers or a ladder-style bookshelf with multiple tiers. Cube storage units are another great option, providing ample space for books and games while keeping everything neatly tucked away.

When installing shelving in your child’s playroom, remember that accessibility is key.

​Board Game Storage

Board games are a fun and entertaining way to bring family and friends together, but they can take up a lot of space. Finding proper storage for board games can often be challenging, especially if you have limited storage space. However, having a designated area for your board game collection has many benefits.

Firstly, having a dedicated toy box, built-in storage space or storage ottomans for your board games can help keep them organized and prevent pieces from getting lost. You can use open shelves, bookcases or cube organizers to store your games upright or lying flat in their boxes. This will make accessing the game you want easier without digging through a pile of other games.

Secondly, storing your board games properly can help protect them from damage caused by humidity or sunlight exposure. You should avoid storing them in damp places like basements or attics as this could cause the boxes to warp on the components.

Art Supplies: Containers and Bins

Easy and Fun Playroom Organisation Ideas 1

Container bins or a designated art cart come in different sizes and shapes, making them perfect for storing art and craft supplies such as crayons, markers, paintbrushes and more. These containers are not only practical but also decorative. You can choose containers in bright colours that match the colour scheme of your playroom or ones with fun designs that appeal to children.

When choosing container bins for your kid’s art supplies, consider clear containers with labels or pictures of what goes inside each bin. This makes it easier for children to find what they need and gives easy access without digging through everything.

Electronic Devices: Charging Stations

One of the most effective ways to keep kids’ electronic devices organised in the perfect space in the playroom is by using charging stations. In the right space, these stations help ensure that all devices are charged and ready for use when needed while preventing clutter caused by cables and cords scattered around the room. Charging stations come in various sizes, styles and colours, making it easy to find one that suits your needs in different ways.

Another idea is to use labelled storage bins or shelves in plain sight for each child’s electronic devices. This helps keep their gadgets separate from each other while also ensuring they’re easily accessible when needed.

Accessories and Decor: Wall Hooks & Baskets

Playroom hooks

Wall hooks are perfect for hanging up aprons, storage sacks and dressing up clothes depending on the size of your space. They keep these items off the ground and add a decorative touch to the room and encourage children’s creative play with items on view. Choose from various fun shapes and colours to match your child’s personality. Baskets are another great option for storing and rotating toys and other miscellaneous items. They come in all shapes and sizes, so finding one that fits your dedicated playroom needs is easy.

Regarding playroom organization ideas, wall hooks and plain or wire baskets are at the top of our list.

Conclusion: Get Organized

In conclusion, these playroom organisation ideas can positively impact your child’s development. When considering organising this space, it is essential to consider what works best for you and your family. Utilising storage solutions, decluttering and setting up zones are all valuable tactics to keep the room organised and easily accessible when the kids want to play. Additionally, introducing a colour scheme will help make the space aesthetically pleasing in this playroom design.

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